Tire Round-Up

If you have some tires you want to get rid of, consider bringing them to the Waupaca County Tire Round-Up.

The Round-Up will be held from October 1 through October 14, 2022, at the Waupaca County Processing & Transfer Facility (PTF) at E4981 Swan Road in Manawa.

See the details on this page or open this brochure.

Waupaca County Tire Round-Up

Website Menu Reorganization and Addition

If you visited this site a while ago and again more recently, you may have noticed that the menu items at the top of the page have been significantly reorganized. We hope this will make them easier to navigate.

If we’re wrong in that hope, please let us know here.

Also, we added a form you can use to report a problem that you think the Town leaders can solve. Use it to tell us about annoying potholes, trees that have fallen where they could be a hazard, and such like. We hope this will make such problems easier to resolve as quickly as possible.