Building Permits

The Town of Lebanon participates in County Comprehensive Zoning and works cooperatively with the Planning and Zoning Office in the administration of the County ordinances.  

Do I Need a Building Permit?

Steps to Building in the Unincorporated Areas of Waupaca County

First Structure on the Lot

∙ Contact the Planning & Zoning Office to make sure that you have a development right available to build. Even if the first structure on the lot is a shed or garage, there must first be an available development right.

∙ A Property Address/Fire Number must be obtained for 9-1-1 purposes. Click here to learn how.

∙ Only one dwelling unit is allowed per tax parcel. Additional units would require a land division if a development right is available (see Land Division section for more information).

∙ Have a Soil Test done to determine what type of system the soils will allow and how big it will need to be.

∙ Consult the Allowable Uses Table to make sure what you are proposing is allowed in your Zoning District.

∙ Obtain a Land Use permit from the Planning & Zoning Office and a Building permit if required by the Township.

Accessory Structures or Additions

Accessory Structures may not be used for human habitation.

Obtain a Land Use permit from the Planning & Zoning Office and a Building permit if required by the Township.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time 

Start working on your permits at least 6 months prior to building.

There are several reasons your project might be delayed:

∙ Septic systems other than a residential conventional system require approval from the Dept. of Safety & Professional Services prior to permit issuance, and this process can take up to 6 weeks.

∙ The proposed use might be a conditional use, which requires Town approval and then a public hearing before the Zoning Committee.

∙ If you cannot meet setbacks, you may have to relocate your proposed project.

∙ If you are going to be close to property lines, you may need to have the lot line surveyed before a permit will be issued.

∙ Comprehensive Plan Map Amendments and Zone Changes are a lengthy process that can take 3-4 months to complete. 

If you build without a permit, you will be charged double by BOTH the county and the Town. To assure this doesn’t happen to you, please check with the Building Inspector or the Town Chairman before doing any building.

The Planning and Zoning Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can stop in or call (715-258-6255) and speak to one of their knowledgeable staff to get you pointed in the right direction. Applications and other information can be attained through the Planning and Zoning Office webpage found at:

If you don’t have Internet access via a desktop or laptop, you can contact a town official to arrange a meeting at the Town Hall fo give you such access. Completing this process is easier when not done on a phone.

Town of Lebanon Building Inspector
Lee Robbert
(920) 850-2686

Building Permit Application for New Homes Only

Click the following link to start a permit request:

Once this form (above) is completed you will receive a code. This code must be emailed or called to Lee Robbert, building inspector, so he is able to access your application. Lee Robbert’s email:

All Other Building Projects

If you are updating electrical service, installing a generator, building an addition to an existing structure, building a new deck or expanding a current deck, updating plumbing, etc., then click here to access the Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application.

Complete the form (online), print it, and contact building inspector Lee Robbert to find out what the fees will be. Then mail the form to the inspector with payment.

More Building Permit Help

For additional questions about building permits, contact…

Lee Robbert, Building Inspector
(920) 850-2686


Al Tank, Town Chairman
(920) 250-0338

Building Permit Fees