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To watch a PowerPoint presentation from the April 8, 2020, meeting, click here.

20 thoughts on “Stage Road Construction Project”

    1. Depends on the day and what exactly is being done. In general, both ends should be accessible, but wherever they are working at that point in time might be a block, they might have to go one direction or the other. I would think most non working times it should be open. It will be officially closed for construction, local traffic only.

      1. Construction crew needs to do a better job of alerting of these non-accessible times where people absolutely cannot get through. On Thursday, the 20th, they had dug the trench for the culvert in the intersection of Bleier and Stage. The only sign that was out at the Mouse Creek intersection was the “Road Work Ahead” sign and the blank orange and white barricade. Road was completely impassable at the moment. Had I known, I would have gone around the other way.

  1. Stage Road is three rod at the Blier and we have the survey documents that show it. We showed the Board the documents at a past meeting, yet somehow contractors came through and cut down our trees on our land, and today they are digging on our land. How did this happen?

  2. Jeffrey Handschke

    The reason this happened is because whoever did your survey did not do their due diligence and research properly. Your particular surveyor assumed all lots on Stage had a three rod right of way. However other survey companies surveyed it properly as a 4 rod road. We got clarification from our towns attorney and the Highway department that it is indeed a four rod road.

    1. Jeff,

      We have found piles of surveys done on this section of Stage Road, dating back from over 50 years ago to the present day. All of them showed Stage Road to be a 49.5’ three rod road. Are you saying that all these surveys were done in error as well? Additionally, when the road crew came through and bulldozed our property, they pulled up the remains of a wire fence at the three rod mark, showing established proof that this was always a three rod road. Or did we just imagine that too?

  3. Sue Ann Goedderz

    We did not get mail delivery the past two days, Wednesday & Thursday, August 19 & 20. We had expressed concerns due to the numerous times we did not get mail delivery during the TWO tree cutting sessions. Now here we are again. Please rectify this with the Postal Service and/or the contractors as it is unacceptable and a violation of federal law. PLEASE!

  4. Sue Ann Goedderz

    Another day of no mail delivery, Friday, August 21st.
    Fed Ex made it down my driveway to deliver a package, but not the postal service.

    Silence is not golden on this matter either……..

  5. Sue Ann Goedderz

    No mail on Saturday either.’
    Called post office on Monday morning.
    Was told that there would no longer be mail delivery on Stage Road until boxes are moved to one end and and buckets are lowered into ground to be at acceptable height. In the meantime, all mail is being held for Stage Road and would need to be picked up at post office.
    We picked up our five days of held mail on Monday afternoon.
    Sure am hoping that our township is handling this issue as we cannot do anything with the contractors.

    1. Al Tank contacted the Post Office on Saturday and was informed that the post office does not deliver on roads under construction. Mail delivery was addressed during all pre construction meetings and we were not aware of this policy. No decision could be made on Saturday as the Postmaster was not working. We received word on Tuesday morning that the Post Office assessed the situation and requested that all boxes be moved to the east end of Stage Rd by Otto Rd. This will be done by the contractor asap.

  6. Jeffrey Handschke

    When I was out with the surveyor we found pins at 3 rod and four rod. This my conclusion. Remnants of an old fence mean nothing. I have current surveys right now as a realtor that the fence isn’t where it gets staked.

    1. Great, remnants of a fence mean nothing to you, just like the rights of property owners of this town. What about 50+ years of surveys that show it is a 3 rod road? Do those mean anything to you? Does the fact that everyone on the road signed a petition saying that they don’t want your project mean anything to you either?

  7. Sue Ann Goedderz

    Met with the Postmaster at noon today and was told that boxes needed to moved to Otto Road, that they would have to be taken off of posts and mounted on sawhorses and to the correct height prior to any mail delivery resuming. SOoooooo, I scanned the sheet of contact info and emailed it to her so that she can contact someone to fix this two week old problem. Communication between the important parties has not been occurring and she stated that this should have been handled PRIOR to construction beginning which usually is the case. We shall see….. In the meantime, we have to pick up our own mail at the post office.

  8. Sue Ann Goedderz

    Also forgot to mention, when the boxes are remounted onto sawhorses, they need to be in a specific order (not numerical) for delivery based on how it is sorted and SHE has this list and can share it with whomever.

    1. Richard,
      The barriers cannot be removed for a couple of years, until the ditches are thoroughly sodded. These are required by the DNR, to be placed every two feet of fall, or less, for erosion control.
      Al Tank

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